Welcome to ‘My Book Habit,’ a book review/blog/website (yes, all three rolled into one).  It was created for others like me who are totally addicted to books and want to talk about them as well as connecting about life. With this site I hope to provide more than a simple book review site, but a bit of fun, whimsy, insight, wisdom and maybe even a few tears shed over a blog or two.

Due to a lot of family emergencies, ‘My Book Habit’ has a been on a reading/reviewing hiatus. However, it appears as though the storms have calmed, so I am now working diligently to make this a warm and cozy spot for you.  So, please pull up a chair, grab a latte and visit with me for a while. I would love for us to become BFF (book friends forever).

My rating is as follows:

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I have started adding blogs little by little, so please check them out and drop a comment or two on them. I would love to hear your thoughts.  In the meantime read something!

Black woman reading book in armchair

Until next time!